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Tracy's compelling story of addiction in her family is meant to inspire change in the persona and perception surrounding substance use disorders and recovery today.

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Founder of Speakers for Change, Tracy's vision to bring together the leaders, new thinkers, great storytellers and educators on the critical topic of substance use disorders, prevention strategies and recovery were born out of her own real life journey experiencing addiction in the family.

A former sales executive for American Express, Tracy was living an abundant life with her family in South Jersey when her daughter, Kayla started using substances at a young age and escalated to heroin by her freshman year of high school.

Kayla spent the next few years in and out of a variety of institutions, ultimately becoming homeless and living on the street before she took a turn towards recovery. Tracy spent those very same years in chaos, depression, and ultimate frustration as she desperately tried to find the right solutions through a maze of wrong information. 

Tracy speaks now to help others better understand substance use disorders and more importantly to relay the details of what recovery can and does look like for an individual and for family members.  She often presents on Family Recovery and will educate and inspire audiences with a message of hope, in a day and time where many individuals and families have none. Tracy frequently can be found speaking alongside her daughter, Kayla at large community events, parent forums and high schools.

As a former employee of a famous Fortune 500 company, Tracy also now provides consulting services and speaks to corporations. She shares valuable addiction awareness and prevention strategies to businesses and their employees. Tracy’s story and the “cost of doing business with addiction” offers many valuable lessons as well as proposed solutions for employees, leaders and working family members. Tracy points out the importance of eliminating stigma in the workplace and how we all can better support those impacted by substance use disorders. 

Tracy shares her story to inspire change in other workplaces and communities across the country. She is a Change Agent, as well as the Founder and President of Speakers for Change – the only agency in the United States to focus on topics of addiction, prevention, recovery and advocacy!

Speaking Topics


This is an impactful school prevention program for middle and high school students. Tracy presents valuable information along with amazing testimony from her daughter Kayla or another young person in recovery on decisions, addiction and recovery.  There are varieties of this presentation that are catered towards parents and also for special events such as incoming Freshman Orientation, Red Ribbon Week, Pre Prom, Project Prom and Graduation.


One in three American families is affected by addiction - one in three!  Countless families are struggling to understand substance use disorders and are in desperate need of guidance. For parents and other family members, receive an education and gain a better understanding of the role of family dynamics and family recovery. Learn more about some of the tools and resources available to help your family recover and restore your serenity.    

The Cost of Addiction

This discussion offers many valuable lessons as well as proposed solutions for employees, leaders and working family members. Tracy provides understanding on how additional family members and employees are impacted by substance use disorders. As a Mother of a daughter who started using substances in eighth grade and escalated to opioid dependency by her freshman year of high school, Tracy illustrates the cost of a family doing business with addiction both monetarily in the work place and more importantly – the emotional cost! She shares her story to inspire change in other workplaces across the country. 


This is a riveting account of Tracy's true life journey with addiction in the family. It is a compelling story of a family, and of a mother and a daughter that ends with hope and life instead of heartbreak and death. This story is meant to inspire, educate, and provide hope.    


Gain new knowledge on what you can do in your neighborhood, in your home, in your schools, and in your workplace to be the catalyst for change.  Learn a new vocabulary to change the stigma surrounding substance use disorders and recovery.  Become skilled and confident to present the up to date facts and philosophy on addiction as a disease.  Listen to a rousing and inspiring discussion that will inevitably be your catalyst for joining a growing movement in this country. Change is coming. Be part of it.


Corporate Consulting Services Available

With the right speaker, with the right message – you can inspire change!
— Tracy Smith
If there is one thing I learned from my experience, it’s that there is great value in getting the right information.
— Tracy Smith