Stacy Simbrom

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Stacy motivates others with her distinct mixture of humor and hope.

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Stacy is an inspirational speaker who speaks from personal experience. The talks she gives are filled with real-life examples and are engaging and just plain fun to experience. Her speaking engagements help audiences find both the humor and the hope in Recovery situations, encouraging people to think of Recovery in a more optimistic, uplifting and purpose-filled manor.

As a New York State credentialed Addiction Recovery Advocate, she assists those in Recovery to create a life in which they are able to fully engage their unique talents, bringing them joy, allowing them to be creative, and helping them to develop resilience.

A national instructor for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery trainings for Addiction Recovery Coaches, she trains those who wish to assist individual who choose to be in Recovery from addiction disorder. Her trainees are armed with the tools and skills needed to support, empower, educated and advocate.

Stacy’s presentations explore the ways that we can support the creation of recovery relationships within environments in which people treat one another as valuable human beings - beings with a sense of mission – beings who realize that their personal recovery goals are important and obtainable, and where appreciation and joy are present, no matter how serious the work ahead may be.

Stacy comments that once the heard that “stressed spelled backwards is desserts." She hopes that during the time audiences spend with her that they may look at the many possibilities that can help us to use stress as an ally rather than the enemy.

Stacy’s personal commitment to recovery drives her spirit of excellence in every encounter in which she is engaged. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of HealthSpan.US, a recognized 501(c)3

Speaking Topics

Spreading Enthusiasm

Funny and down-to-earth, Stacy has the unique ability to see the extra-ordinary in the challenges that recovery offers. With her warm, conversational approach, audience members understand that she has spoken directly to and believes in each of them. The central topic that she speaks about is The Celebration of RECOVERY, Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm. Stacy offers insights, information and tools to support an individual’s recovery in this funny, heartwarming presentation.

A spirit of excellence and contagious enthusiasm - great qualities!
— Stacy Simbrom