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Sarge is a dad, husband, comic, author, addict, and sponsor who was born black, raised white, Jewish and well fed - but his real passion is changing lives. Sarge brings some much needed laughter to recovery. 

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Sarge is a highly sought after motivational speaker and for the last 7 years has been working in treatment centers and recovery residences bringing a revolutionary and groundbreaking modality of “Comedy Therapy” to people suffering from addiction with incredible results.

His first comedy recovery film “Sarge Behind Bars” shot entirely on location of the Casper Wyoming Reentry Prison, has been selected for award consideration at the “REEL Recovery Film Festival” in New York and Los Angeles. He has recently added author to his profile, with the release of “I’m Still Standing Up”, which traces his hilarious, inspirational life of twists and turns and ups and downs.

Sarge is at heart, an entertainer who has performed worldwide to adoring audiences. His sidesplitting comedy, touching vocals and stunning display of dexterity as a pianist have wowed crowds for decades. But Sarge's road to success has not been smoothly paved.

He was born in Miami Beach, Florida during the Civil Rights Movement to a Jewish mother and black father, but given up for adoption soon after birth. Fortunately, he was quickly adopted by a couple who then raised him in Great Neck, Long Island. Sarge was brought up by his parents in a middle to upper middle class environment, attending the best prep schools in the region. All the while, he lived with some sense of confusion because his adopted parents raised him in a Jewish household without much exposure to his black heritage.

This led to some internal conflict as a child and young adult – feelings he tried to numb with alcohol, drugs and gambling.  He spent part of his young adult life as a homeless man, severely addicted to several vices, and copping drugs at his hangout under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. With a wealth of talent unrealized, on December 26, 1990, he had an epiphany that would change his life forever. As strange as it may sound, on that day he made a decision to commit himself to sobriety and never looked back.

Sarge has been clean and sober since then, and he has dedicated himself to assisting others who are facing the same battle. He helps others heal with his unique comedy routines. Sarge has the rare ability to create an uproarious and moving 90-minute comedic performance on the spot by just walking into a room.

Sarge wrote, produced and performed for FOX’s wildly successful “Best Damn Sports Show Period”, as a nationally syndicated radio host for FOX Sports Radio, and worked extensively for ABC Wide World of Sports and CBS Sports. After playing clubs and colleges all over America for three years, Sarge found himself opening for some of the biggest names in music – Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Paul Anka, The Beach Boys, The Four Tops, Taylor Dayne, Donna Summer and Wayne Newton, just to name a few.

These high profile gigs enabled Sarge’s act to evolve from a comedy appearance to an entertainment performance because he learned to weave his own musical talents into his shows.

Sarge has performed for audiences at Radio City Music Hall, at Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, and for nation’s troops in Iraq, but Sarge’s  favorite audience is still for those in treatment and working a recovery process. He is a high energy, multi-talented act.  With his mix of comedy, singing and piano playing, Sarge is a legitimate triple threat and a rare find.

Speaking Topics

Disarming the BOMB of ADDICTION

I was adopted, Black and Jewish, Addicted, Homeless and Obese and your problem is?

Sarge BehindBars

Overcoming the stage fright in life

Laughter for Recovery audiences - A 90 minute Stand-Up Comedy Performance with Piano.

Most inspirational day of my life was spent with the inmates at the Wyoming Re-Entry Prison.
— Sarge