Phil Valentine

Travels from Connecticut

An accomplished author, trainer and presenter, Phil Valentine is widely recognized as leader in the new recovery advocacy movement. His contributions and knowledge transform a key-note presentation into an interesting lesson that benefits many.

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Phil is the current Executive Director for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR).  He has been an integral component in this Recovery Community Organization since January 1999.  Phil is known to carry the message of recovery through his relatable story-telling, likeable humor and quick wit. Inspiration for many of his keynote presentations comes from an unbelievable journey of 2,189 miles that he took to promote recovery and to conquer the Appalachian Trail from start to finish.

Organizations look to Phil for consulting, training and speaking on a variety of topics – recovery community organization development, recovery community center development, peer recovery support services, recovery coaching, advocacy and others.  He provides a clear understanding on the critical role of recovery peers and coaches to help reduce recidivism for healthcare professionals and ER staff.  Numerous authors have included his perspective in their writings; for example, Bill White, Christopher Kennedy-Lawford, Dr. John Kelly, Bud Mikhitarian and Melissa Killeen.

Although Phil often addresses the topic of recovery coaching and its importance, he is also a passionate faith-based Christian speaker as well.  Large congregations can benefit from his study of the Bible and from his unique perspective of the role of faith in an individual’s recovery.

In 2006, the Johnson Institute recognized his efforts with an America Honors Recovery award.  In 2008, Faces and Voices of Recovery honored CCAR with the first Joel Hernandez Voice of the Recovery Community Award as the outstanding recovery community organization in the country.  In 2009, the Hartford Business Journal named him the Non-Profit Executive of the Year. 

In the past Phil has contributed to build a statewide network of Recovery Community Centers that featured innovative peer recovery support services like Telephone Recovery Support, All-Recovery groups and Recovery Works.  Most recently, he worked to implement the Emergency Department Recovery Coach project, developed CCAR’s highly-acclaimed videos, and served as CCAR’s point man for the first seven “Recovery Walks!" He has designed and facilitated several trainings including the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy©, Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches©, Spirituality for Recovery Coaches© and Professionalism for Recovery Coaches©.

Phil is a proud speaker in long term recovery. He believes in speaking out loud about his own recovery from alcohol and cocaine addiction and wants to end discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery. He is married and has five children.  His favorite hobbies – of course include hiking and also taking an occasional water adventure with the kayak.

The lighter your load, the farther you go and the more enjoyable the journey.
— Phil Valentine