Kendall Kendrick

Travels from North Carolina

A nutrition and wellness expert, Kendall shares some interesting perspectives on recovery and provides cautionary advice on the common occurrence of replacing one addiction with another.

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Kendall is a motivational speaker on wellness topics for recovery and beyond. She has been a guest speaker at health symposiums in cities across the country including Austin, Atlanta, Portland, and Berkeley.  She also has over 21 years of on-air, voice-over, and stage presentation experience.  Kendall speaks on a number of holistic wellness topics.  She also shares with audiences an interesting perspective into the dangers of replacing one form of addiction with another.

As a wellness expert, Kendall provides personal coaching, online and group instruction on holistic approaches to living sober.  She speaks about the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet and lifestyle that ultimately improves the quality of recovery.  Kendall shares healthy coping skills in her workshops and presentations that illustrate how to break the cycle of trading addictions like sugar, over-exercise or anything else affecting the well-being of recovering alcoholics and addicts.

As a person in long-term recovery, Kendall speaks candidly about her own past struggles with addiction, mental health struggles, and self-medicating behaviors. At the age of 21, Kendall met the recovery community after a short, but all-consuming battle with drugs.  After a few years clean and sober, she convinced herself that she could drink and be more like the “normal people.”  But over a decade later, found her level of self-medicating with alcohol and continued unhealthy behaviors did not match up with the person she portrayed to the wellness world.

At that time she was a nutrition and wellness coach, but was living a lie. Kendall knew a better way existed. She then took her second journey into recovery by really getting and staying sober. Kendall also used this opportunity to expand her nutritional therapy practice and start to offer services to help others in the recovery community. Becoming a nutrition and wellness coach ultimately led her to recovery and got her off the cycle of self-medicating.

A high energy, animated speaker, Kendall enjoys her "down time" with her four daughters and husband on their urban farm where they raise chickens and grow gardens in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Trading one addiction for another is not recovery.
— Kendall Kendrick