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Justin Luke Riley, CEO of Young People in Recovery, is a compelling motivational speaker who offers articulate thought leadership and passion when it comes to the topic of recovery.

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Justin Luke Riley is a charismatic personality who offers a wealth of knowledge on the current opioid epidemic as well as recovery supports.  Justin has been a featured speaker at many conferences, forums and as a panelist – including appearing with President Obama for the National RX Drug Abuse Summit that was held in Atlanta in 2016.

Justin believes in leadership and inspiring others. He wants to see more solutions, services and supports for those in recovery. Justin himself has been in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder since 2007.  He is a recognized leader who has contributed significantly to the recovery movement and speaks frequently as the President and CEO of Young People in Recovery (YPR).  YPR is a national organization focused on peer-to-peer services for young people in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders. This organization aims to improve access to treatment, educational resources, employment opportunities and housing that sustains young people in their recovery. YPR also empowers and urges young people to get involved in their communities. 

Justin’s true passion is recovery. He inspires others by clearly illustrating that recovery is possible. He likes to let his audience know that people CAN and DO recover each and every day.  Justin engages others with his charismatic speaking style, his humor, his relatability and his genuine passion for what he does.  Justin Luke Riley also believes in youth leadership and speaks often about the three L’s - Listen, Learn, and Lead.

 He graduated cum laude from the Honors & Leadership Program at the University of Colorado at Denver in 2013 and is currently seeking his Executive MBA at the University Colorado. He is a former Organizational Development Consultant and a Youth and Community Engagement Pastor in Denver; former Secretary of the Board of Faces & Voices of Recovery in Washington, DC; and past President of the Board of Advocates for Recovery in Denver.  Justin recently received a Champion of Change award from the White House and was also featured in Forbes magazine as one of the leading social entrepreneurs advancing the nationwide recovery movement.

 When he is not traveling, you will find Justin with his beautiful growing family spending some cherished time together along with man’s best friend - a new chocolate lab. 

Communicate principles that inspire others to be extraordinary!
— Justin Luke Riley