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Joseph Green

Travels from Washington, DC

Joseph is a spoken word artist, educator, motivational speaker and a believer in transformation. His powerful, honest and often humorous style captures both youth and adults’ attention.

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Through motivational speaking, workshop facilitation, and professional spoken word, Joseph Green speaks candidly about his personal battles with substance use to show people the power they have to affect change in themselves and in their community. His speaking and poetry events help those from young students to older professionals explore universal themes of self-reflection and personal experience.

After attending theatre school, Joseph worked for several years as a professional actor traveling to over 30 states and performing for 100,000 youths. Combined with his experience as an award-winning spoken word artist – ranked 16th in the world at the Individual Poetry Slam – his training allows him to seamlessly switch between narrative, poetry, and monologue to create a deeply moving presentation that helps others talk about the issues they're facing.

Joseph has more than 20 years of experiences an arts educator. He's toured more than 200 schools and theatres with the country's largest in-school touring company, Theatre IV. He co-founded poetryN.O.W., an after-school creative writing, and mentorship program with a curriculum of over 90 full-length workshops, over 200 writing prompts, and a performance workshop series. Joseph also co-founded and leads Hyper Bole, the largest individual poetry slam for high school students on the east coast.

Joseph has also worked with teachers to create curriculum that engages young people through the lens of people they admire – whether that's a civil rights hero or a hip-hop artist. He brought his passion for youth development and leadership skills to the Mentor Foundation USA's Mentoring in Schools program, where he helped connect schools with mentors across the country.

In 2013, Joseph led a project called More Than a Statistic where students came through his workshops to create original transformative poetry about the effects substance use had on their personal lives – performing twice at the White House for both the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Department of Education.

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Strength built, lessons learned, and a way to pay it forward.
— Joseph Green
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