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Joe is a nationally recognized writer, speaker and media commentator on the subject of addiction and recovery. He brings a unique perspective to the age old problem of what to do about intoxication.

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Joe Schrank has spent his life in and around active alcoholism. After stabilizing his own post-undergrad depression and alcoholism, he returned to school and studied clinical social work at Iona College and the University of Illinois.  Following tenure at Promises in Malibu, CA, Joe established the first sober living facility in New York City, Loft 107.

Frustrated with the lack of media attention on the recovery community, Joe founded TheFix.com , a website dedicatedto addiction and recovery, featuring news, interviews, investigative reports, essays and blogs on sober living, lifestyle and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from expert counsel. The Fix provides an extensive forum for debating relevant issues pertinent to addiction and recovery without bias. The Fix mission is to de-stigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources.

Most recently, Joe also co-founded  ReboundBrooklyn, an innovative treatment program in New York,  with Dr. Scott Bienenfeld, a prominent psychiatrist specializing in addiction.

Joe is a nationally recognized writer, speaker and media commentator on the subject of addiction and recovery.  He is available for panel discussions, keynotes, facilitating school information nights or treatment facility events. Joe believes addiction and recovery are complex issues with no easy answers. He has a great presence in a room and a knack for bringing out thought provoking discussion from groups.

Joe believes there needs to be more discussion and that we don't talk nearly enough on addiction and recovery, especially with younger populations.  Joe enjoys candid conversations with high school students and college students.  No lectures, instead great discussions that can engage and grab their attention.  His frank and open manner mixed with appropriate humor seems to get immediate reaction from all audiences.

Joe is the proud father of two young men. He resides in New York City and his hobbies include obsessing over the Yankees and over eating.  He's been intoxicant free for nineteen years.

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When does Partying become Pathology? 


General Topics

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Collaborating with Judges for Treatment

Sentencing Reform and Mass Incarceration

Safety first, nobody finds recovery if they’re dead.
— Joe Schrank