Jeff Hatch

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Jeff Hatch offers a warm, gentle honesty that you would not expect from a tough, former NFL player. He has been beaten down in the past, but now stands tall in front of audiences to personally share his compelling story. 

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A man now in long term recovery, Jeff Hatch graduated from The University of Pennsylvania.  After a senior year in which he was a First Team All-American and Unanimous First Team All-Ivy league selection, Jeff was drafted by The NFL’s New York Giants in the 3rd round of that year’s draft. He spent seasons with both The Giants and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and battled addiction on and off the field, until his retirement in 2006.

Jeff suffered a back injury during his rookie year in the NFL. He was put on injured reserve and immediately felt isolated and like a failure.  His thoughts at that time, “I still remember the day I made the connection that if I took the amount of pain medicine it said on the bottle, the physical pain would subside. But that if I took a few more - the emotional pain would subside too. Once I made that connection, I was off to the races. People say it’s a slippery slope, not for me. For me it was a cliff, and I jumped off.”

Jeff’s story of sports injuries, pain medication and addiction is critical for young college athletes as well as professional sports players to hear. He draws from years of experience and in-depth understanding of addiction and sports to educate others on a variety of topics.  Jeff has exceptional speaking skills and a unique way of making his message personal; even light hearted at times – although the subject matter is serious.

After his retirement from the NFL, Jeff finally attained sobriety and began working in the treatment field.  Jeff presently does national outreach for Granite Recovery Centers.  His passion for helping others has earned him The President’s Award for Community Service and continuous praise for his efforts to impact youth and raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. 

Jeff believes that a “team” of people is often needed to support those with substance use disorders. In his free time, you will find Jeff is still a team member – helping to support and sustain recovery for not only himself, but for others too.  

To be successful, you need a team. No one achieves greatness alone.
— Jeff Hatch