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Helaina Hovitz Regal is an inspiring speaker, editor, writer and author of the memoir After 9/11, which details her long journey to recovery while coming of age in the shadow of 9/11. 

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Helaina’s traumatic experience as one of the few child survivors literally caught in the 9/11 attacks from start to finish, and physically living in the aftermath, qualifies her as a unique speaker, as did her experience getting sober at 22 and entering successful recovery from PTSD at 18, after persevering through many misdiagnoses.

A lively and entertaining speaker, Helaina can connect easily with younger audiences and on mental health and addiction issues pertaining to young people, since she experienced so many herself and has spoken with countless other young and female members of the sober, PTSD, and other recovery communities. 

By using humor and sharing her most vulnerable and painful experiences openly and honestly, she is able to connect with almost any audience, and always, always finds a way to bring the message back to hope and the solution. 

As a journalist, researcher and avid learner, she is also now considered a knowledgeable expert by clinicians in the field and is an impactful presenter to both professionals and youth and community audiences.  

Helaina is able to help young people who may not have the words to express their traumatic incident in their lives start to understand their experiences and choices. She has assisted individuals of all ages and backgrounds begin to connect the dots between their day to day experiences, thoughts, fears, feelings, behaviors, and what might be driving them.

In sharing what has and has not worked for her and her peers, she can help clinicians better understand how to diagnose and treat trauma and addiction relating both to 9/11 and to everyday trauma and alcoholism. 

She frequently writes for a number of publications on mental health and wellness topics, especially recovery from PTSD and addiction, and has written for The New York TimesGlamourForbesTeen Vogue, New York Observer, Huffington PostSalon, Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Newsday, VICE, and many others. Helaina brings warmth, laughter and hope to her audiences with a strong focus on the positive and always an inspirational message.

Never forget how brave and resilient you are!
— Helaina Hovitz Regal