Global Speakers

International meeting planners and conference organizers worldwide can now benefit from our growing roster of speakers. You will find inspiring keynotes, impactful trainings, current prevention strategies and new recovery solutions.  Speakers for Change will travel the globe to educate, enlighten and provide valuable resources to solve the world's addiction pandemic.

These are just some of our featured international speakers, but keep in mind -- most of our other talent will also travel the globe  . . . to inspire change!

Mark Brand

TRAVELS FROM Vancouver, Canada

A global speaker, Mark redefines social change entrepreneur and innovator, by blending business success and social enterprise together to inspire change. View profile →

Laurie Dhue

Travels from Georgia

With warmth, humor and honesty, former national news anchor Laurie shares her story of active addiction during her TV career and journey through long-term recovery to become one of the nation's leading advocates. View profile →


Candy Finnigan

Travels From California

A featured interventionist on the Emmy Award-Winning and critically acclaimed A&E docuseries “INTERVENTION”, Candy speaks with expertise and experience!  View profile →  

Allan Kehler


Allan delivers a comprehensive prevention message that makes a lasting impression on audiences - each and every time!  View profile →

Kristen Kelley Harper


A national advocate for collegiate recovery and recovery high schools, Kristen presents a data driven case for increasing recovery supports in educational settings. View profile →

Ian Hockley

Travels From Connecticut

Ian speaks with hope for future youth and prevention positivity for others. He is charming, engaging and has great thought leadership on inspiring youth today. View profile →

Tony Hoffman


Dedicated to promoting awareness, former BMX champion Tony Hoffman shares his life journey from opioids to prison and then rebuilding his life’s purpose in recovery. View profile →

Annie McCullough

travels from British Columbia, Canada

Annie passionately educates and advocates for change all across Canada to expand the continuum of care to include essential recovery support systems.  View profile →

Mackenzie Phillips


This famous actress, author and advocate speaks to educate others on trauma and addiction in order to promote hope and healing! View profile →

Darren Prince

Travels from California

Well known sports and celebrity agent, Darren Prince has now taken on a new role of author and advocate – this time representing recovery and hope for those who struggle with addiction! View profile →

Dr. Lipi Roy


She is educated on the serious topic of addiction, yet presents with an easy, warm and passionate style – so all audiences learn! View profile →

Tracy Smith


Tracy's compelling story of addiction in her family is meant to inspire change in the persona and perception surrounding addiction and recovery today. View profile →


Daphne Willis

Travels from New York 

The best compliment to an addiction recovery event is adding a musical performance from Daphne Willis. Her lyrics, passion and music provides hope and inspires others! View profile →