Giving Back

Promoting social change is important to us. Here is how we help:

Affordable Speakers

Our business model is specifically designed to provide quality "affordable" speakers. We simply do not offer speakers that command excessive fees. We want to inspire and change lives and believe whole heartedly that this can be accomplished with affordable yet interesting speakers.

Funding Resources

We understand you may encounter financial challenges in planning and booking your desired event. That's why our staff is dedicated to providing you with value driven solutions. We will work diligently to offer you cost saving strategies as well as suggest possible funding resources. 

Pro Bono Speakers

Many of our speakers feel it is important to give back. They want to provide a service to their communities and impact lives with their message. We embrace this philosophy and are proud to offer you a selection of "fee free" speakers upon availability.

Foundation Partnership

It is our aspiration to partner in the near future with a foundation to help fund requests for some of our programs and speakers. Please be patient while we explore this partnership opportunity for you and check back with us often for updates.

Contact us if you know of an organization or business that would like to sponsor a speaker.