Denise Thomas Brown

Travels from Virginia

Denise delivers a powerful and impactful message on two relevant topics of our times - spirituality and sexual abuse. 

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Denise strongly believes that "spiritual growth and healing" are the unique keys to inspiring individual change.  She talks in depth about strategies that will support an individual in this process. Denise’s key messages often do not come from textbooks, but rather the “Good Book”. She knows firsthand the value of having spirituality and hope.

Once incarcerated and the victim of childhood sexual abuse, Denise turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with her life altering trauma. Denise openly shares her compelling life story with other victims of sexual abuse in hopes of providing understanding of the disease of addiction as it relates to trauma victims.

Well versed in religion, Denise, who received her Master of Divinity Degree from Virginia Union University, frequently speaks to groups about the difference between spirituality and religion.  This intriguing topic has been shared by Denise to many different church audiences and at conferences, community forums, and prisons.  Because of Denise’s education and personal journey, she is a highly respected thought leader on the role spirituality plays in the recovery process.

Denise is a recovery leader in the McShin Foundation and a Certified Recovery Coach. She has served as a patient advocate, and also as a case manager and a substance abuse counselor for the Salvation Army. She consulted for Springhill, a residential program for violent ex-offender women, and has served on two different Virginia Governor's Councils - one for Policy on Prisoner Reentry, as well as one on Policy on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. 

Today, Denise celebrates over 20 years of recovery from substance use disorder. She uses the knowledge and experience gained during her personal journey to recovery to help organizations shape their programs and strategic direction. Denise is a leader in all phases of the recovery process and is especially adept in transitioning individuals back to the community.

Denise loves to spend free time testing new recipes in her kitchen or advocating in her community for services on behalf people with the disease of addiction.

You may be locked up, but you’re not locked out!
— Denise Thomas Brown