Dawn Belamarich

Travels from New Jersey

Lighthearted, fast paced and informative, Dawn brings a little fun to tough subject matters and a unique perspective on change. 

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Dawn Belamarich places high value on bringing about creative, collaborative change, and often speaks on topics that are current and innovative, encouraging individuals to rethink the way they perceive addiction, recovery and leadership.

Dawn was born and raised in Southern, NJ, and spent most of her young adulthood immersing herself in various educational and experiential environments.  Upon completing two Master’s Degrees and working in various social service and treatment settings, Dawn found a permanent home within the social service fabric of South Jersey. For over a decade, Dawn has been an influential leader within the field, carrying roles such as therapist, supervisor and administrator, and she developed an unrelenting passion for working with those dealing with addiction.

From working with adults in a state prison environment, to working with youth in intensive outpatient and aftercare modalities, Dawn has not only developed a concrete understanding of how addiction works, but has also developed the most important characteristic in addiction treatment; knowing how to best guide individuals on their journey to bring about positive, sustainable change.   

Dawn Belamarich, LAC, LCADC, CCGC, DRCC is the Founder and CEO of Tunnel Light Counseling & Consultation Services.  She is a genuine advocate for individuals, families and communities. Whether she is working with young people across Atlantic County implementing substance abuse prevention and treatment services, creating innovative social media movements to bolster communities across NJ, or leveraging her unique administrative skills to assist organizations with grant writing, program acquisition and leadership development, Dawn uses her knowledge, proficient networking and communication skills and outside-the-box thinking to get results. 

Speaking Topics/Workshops

Don't Believe the Hype:  How the Media Influences our False Perception of Addiction & Recovery

This presentation will be interactive and show clips and coverage of addiction and recovery.   It flips the script on the perception vs. reality on these important topics.  The workshop will discuss how the media influences our opinions on treatment and policy, and as providers and leaders how we can begin avoiding the unnecessary consequences associated with feeding into the media hype.  The media has a large influence over how we perceive things and people, and the same is true with addiction and recovery.

Social Media: The Perfect Tool in Treatment & Recovery?

An up-to-date discussion on how social media can effectively be used in addiction treatment and recovery is offered, as well as suggestions on appropriate use of social media across organizations.  This workshop will point out some of the clear benefits, especially in the virtual age, but also will highlight how misuse in the field can have dire consequences for not only the organization, but individuals being treated.

The Ins and Outs of Addiction

Listen and learn in this workshop that will focus on the science of addiction (Ins) and how these play out in the life of those struggling with addiction (Outs).  The science of addiction will be discussed, and individuals in long-term recovery will  highlight how these internal cues play out in day to day life.  This workshop will be designed to give individuals a thorough understanding of not only how the disease of addiction works internally, but also how it manifests itself externally.

Change is one of the only things that we can be certain of in life.
— Dawn Belamarich