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Cortney Lovell is a face of recovery. She speaks of hope and strives to empower others with the knowledge that they too can recover, no matter what.  

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Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top leaders in Recovery Coaching, Cortney Lovell is truly a speaker who is a modern messenger for change. Driven by her own personal experience of growth and empowerment, study and dedication to solutions, she is now lifting up the field of peer services to a new level designed to assist communities and individuals in need.  

Cortney is in long-term recovery from addiction.  An out-going, athletic teenager, she silently struggled with self-image and other issues growing up and carefully cloaked her suffering behind a smile for years as substance use progressed to heroin addiction and eventually incarceration. At just nineteen years old she began her journey to wellness and discovered her purpose along the way.  Today Cortney is a dynamic, out-spoken leader working across systems to empower others to discover the depths of their potential. She is an articulate and thoughtful speaker who makes an impact with her audiences. She believes in the limitless possibilities each person has when they are encouraged, equipped and supported to achieve their highest level of success.

Cortney is the recent author of, “Recovery: A Coaching Workbook”, a first-ever book published that outlines a unique wellness plan, tools for developing new coping techniques, activities to build self-awareness, and suggestions to support sustained behavioral changes for those in recovery. 

An inspiration, Cortney continues to promote recovery coaching and expand programs nationally and also abroad, as she has traveled to both Canada and Vietnam for trainings.  She has spent the last decade exploring and elevating the evolving field of recovery supports. Clinically trained, she most often is speaking on the emerging peer service field, although she is relevant and impactful at a community forum or local high school. 

She has consulted with numerous government agencies, non-profit and private sector entities to develop support implementation, curriculum and offer training. Presentations include the value of peer services, implementing peer services in medication-assisted programs, recovery coaching for young adults, providing supervision for recovery coaches in clinical settings, understanding medication-assisted treatment, recovery for recovery coaches, and recovery coaching integration into healthcare systems and communities. 

Cortney co-founded Our Wellness Collective and also to better support others. She currently serves on the Health and Human Services Advisory Committee for Women’s Services and is on the Board of Director’s for Families Together in New York State. She has been a spokesperson for the New York State Governor's Combat Heroin Campaign,, and the Center for Disease Control. Cortney has been featured in films, Refinery29’s “See, Here, Now” “Reversing the Stigma” and “Everywhere but Safe.” Cortney is a regular contributor for addiction stories on HLN’s Michaela Pereira show and frequently participates in press events, conferences and ceremonies. 

Believe in your power as a valuable, worthy human being!
— Cortney Lovell
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