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Carol's distinctive views on Drug Court policies and discussion on pros and cons is eye opening and definitely intriguing.  

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Carol has worked in the Criminal Justice System for 33 years and was New Jersey’s first Statewide Drug Court Manager, an Administrative Office of the Courts position.  A person in long term recovery, Carol is passionate about modalities of treatment and continuum topics and brings a unique perspective to any discussion about substance abuse treatment issues.  Carol shares her belief in using a full range of treatment options and client matching and a philosophy that there is no one size fits all for treatment. She is not against medication assisted treatment, but believes in holding providers and pharmaceutical companies accountable for short and long terms outcomes and not just assume a life of medication is necessary in all cases.

Recently retired, Carol served as New Jersey’s first Statewide Drug Court Manager, an Administrative Office of the Courts position since 2002.  Carol managed between thirty five and sixty five million dollars per year in state drug court funding.  Her leadership for the statewide drug court implementation project led to subsequent expansion efforts.  Carol worked closely with State Human Services Department, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services in the procurement of quality treatment services for drug court participants.  In addition, Carol managed the unit that provided clinical supervision and training to all of the Judiciary's credentialed substance abuse evaluators in the criminal, family and probation divisions.

Carol attended a majority of training conferences hosted by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and served as faculty on numerous occasions for the National Drug Court Institute’s Comprehensive Drug Court Coordinator Training and Drug Court Planning Initiative.  Additionally, she has served on the Adult Drug Court Standards Committee, which is now considered to be the research based best practices standard in the adult drug court field.

Carol has also worked in the Union County Superior Court system and led the management effort to bring a grant funded pilot drug court program to Union in 1998. She has prior experience as court manager, team leader, supervisor and probation officer.  Carol has a BA in Psychology from Montclair State University and an MPA from Seton Hall University with a specialization in Criminal Justice/Court Administration.

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