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Bud Mikhitarian speaks on his belief that people in recovery can change the world, because he believes recovery works for everyone. 

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Bud Mikhitarian, filmmaker and author, was one of the key members of the documentary team that made the award-winning feature film, The Anonymous People. A producer and co-writer on the film, he and director Greg Williams along with cinematographer Craig Mikhitarian spent two years traveling throughout the country seeking the powerful stories of people living in successful recovery from addiction.

His companion book entitled, Many Faces, One Voice: Secrets from The Anonymous People tells the behind-the-scenes story of the making of The Anonymous People and has been called a “moving, challenging and revealing portrait of the world of recovery today—and tomorrow,” by former Congressman, Patrick Kennedy. 

As a speaker, Bud, who is not a person in recovery, describes his experience in the two-year filmmaking journey that led him to discover the miracles of recovery.  He shares the intimate and inspiring stories of people in recovery he met who exposed their secrets to light and are trying to help others overcome alcohol and drug addiction. Their stories of healing and hope reveal how the recovery community is building solutions for prevention, treatment and long-term recovery.  He shows how the power of their stories are breaking down the barriers to solving America’s number one health crisis and are erasing the stigma and shame associated with the disease of addiction.

Just as Bud gained new insights from his journey of discovery, his goal is to open the hearts and minds of his audiences through passionate and powerful truth telling.  The real secret, which Bud shares describing his own epiphany, is in what we can all learn from people in recovery about improving our lives, helping our neighbors, strengthening our communities and making the world a better place.

Bud is an accomplished filmmaker and has earned recognition in broadcast news, film documentaries, and commercial production, including Oscar, Emmy and Telly honors. He has worked as a feature writer at CBS News in New York and was a staff producer, writer and director at WNET-13, New York’s public broadcasting station. Bud lives in Connecticut with his wife and their two daughters where he enjoys golf, music, sports and good cooking. 

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"Discovering Recovery” is the personal account of the author’s transformative experience working as a producer and a writer on the acclaimed documentary film, The Anonymous People by Greg Williams, which is about the 23 million Americans living in recovery from addiction.  


I’m a person in long term...discovery.
— Bud Mikhitarian