Brooke M. Feldman

Travels from Pennsylvania

Brooke brings humor and candor to inspire hope and strength in others.

General Topics






Both professional and personal experience qualifies Brooke to speak on a number of topics surrounding addiction and recovery. She uniquely intertwines just the right amount of humor to offset the serious topic of addiction.  Brooke candidly shares her unbelievable personal journey and conveys an authentic message of strength and hope to her audiences. Her extensive professional and leadership experience qualifies her to consult on many recovery support topics.

 Brooke openly identifies as a person in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder.  What this means to Brooke is that she has not used alcohol or other drugs for close to 11 years and, in turn, has been able to stop the inter-generational transmission of addiction that claimed her own mother’s life at a young age.  After spending her adolescent years in and out of many institutions and involved with the juvenile justice system, Brooke finally entered into long-term recovery at the age of 24 and now uses her experiences to serve others.

Brooke currently serves as the Director of Recovery Support and Health Promotion Initiatives for Achara Consulting, Inc. In this capacity, Brooke provides strategic planning, consulting and training to organizations and systems across the country.  Prior to this role, Brooke spent the past decade in direct service, supervisory, program development, implementation and coordination, training, community outreach and policy practice rollBrooke's experience spans across recovery housing peer-based recovery support services, treatment, behavioral health workforce development and Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services.

Brooke is also highly active in local and national recovery advocacy efforts and currently writes for a local recovery magazine and for the Huffington Post.  Additionally, Brooke  has been an active student at West Chester University as she completes her Bachelor's in Social Work degree in 2016, having been awarded the Outstanding Senior Award and serving on student advisory board and social work club. Brooke firmly believes that long-term recovery is possible for all individuals and their families if they have access to the resources and supports they need.

Speaking Topics

Halting Intergenerational Trans-mission of Addiction

Brooke shares her past personal experience and new best practices on breaking the cycle of addiction in families.  She candidly talks about her own family life, with a mother who suffered from substance use disorder and mental health challenges.  

Recovering Out Loud ­

Brooke states the case for people in recovery to come out of the shadows in order to help shift public perception around addiction and recovery. Her passionate dialogue is meant to encourage more of the 23 million individuals living in recovery to come out and disclose this information in order to help others, provide hope and shatter stigma.

Improving Access

Is it time for our behavioral health systems to shift from acute care models focused only on immediate symptom reduction to whole health models?  Brooke discusses health care strategies that need to be implemented and addresses important community-based recovery supports.  

Privileged Recovery

With great racial and economic disparities around access to quality care for individuals with substance use disorder, Brooke speaks passionately about raising awareness of the role that privilege plays in an individual's ability to initiate and sustain recovery. Brooke talks about policy and practice change to leave no man behind.

Recovery isn’t about luck, it’s about having access - everybody should have access!
— Brooke Feldman