Brian McAlister

Travels from New Jersey

Best selling author of Full Recovery, Brian openly addresses the heroin epidemic we face today and speaks on inspiring solutions.

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Brian McAlister is author of the bestselling book Full Recovery and CEO/Founder of the Full Recovery Wellness Center in Fairfield, New Jersey.  He grew up in a working-class, Irish-Catholic family in a small town in New Jersey not far from Manhattan.  As a teenager, Brian descended into alcoholism and drug abuse and, for most of his 20s, led the life of a “nomadic drug-addicted biker.”  A horrific motorcycle accident started Brian on the road to recovery and the realization that he had a higher purpose.  It also saved his marriage and his relationship with his son.  After getting sober in 1990, the author became a successful businessman, entrepreneur, counselor and motivational speaker in the recovery community.   Brian was named a board member at Freedom House, one of the country’s leading addiction treatment centers, where he worked with hundreds of clients and honed what would become his Full Recovery philosophy and program.  He published the first edition of Full Recovery in 2008 and soon after opened the Full Recovery Wellness Center.

Speaking Topics

  • Why his revolutionary, holistic treatment and recovery programs are so successful- far exceeding the national statistics in terms of helping people in recovery stay clean and sober.

  • The heroin addiction epidemic sweeping the country today. Why is it happening now? Who is it affecting? Listen in to Brian's perspective and experience on treating heroin addicts and how to stop this tragic epidemic.

  • Practical instruction for people in recovery on harnessing the intense single-minded focus so common in addictive behavior personalities, and redirecting that power of focus to achieve spiritual, personal & financial empowerment.


Let’s change the world.
— Brian McAlister