Another Addiction to Conquer - Sugar


Words for Change - Written by Speaker, Kendall Kendrick

I will never forgot watching my daughter make her coffee when she returned home from treatment for the first time. I noticed the first few teaspoons of sugar, but was sitting there towards the end, with my mouth gaping wide open, as I thought, was that 8 or 9 heaping teaspoons of sugar she just put into her coffee cup?
— Founder SFC, Tracy Smith

As nutrition coaches, we heard time and time again from other recovering individuals that sugar had become the ultimate replacement. Some people we talked to were only suffering minor setbacks due to their sugar intake, but others were severely affected by diabetes, cancer, chronic illness, and more.

First we took a look at our own sugar indiscretions in the past and saw what was working in our lives currently. Then we worked with clients in recovery to implement our tools. The following tips are what we have found to be the ultimate long-lasting key to busting sugar addiction.

If you follow these 4 Sugar Busting Tips, you will be rewarded with feeling amazing and finally stepping off of the sugar addiction roller coaster….

Sugar Busting Tip #1: Be Prepared

Just like the Girl Scout’s motto, we know the battle against sugar addiction begins with preparation. Planning is the key to success. Many impulsive sugar decisions are made when we aren’t properly prepared. Do you find yourself hitting that 3 pm craving at work, but your only option is the machine in the break room loaded with sugary treats? Step away from the machine!

Avoid that “stuck” feeling by planning ahead. The night before work, pack your lunch with leftovers from dinner and pack snacks to prevent temptation. If you’re going to an event that won’t have nutrient-dense food available, eat before you arrive.

Weekends are a good time to prep meals for the week ahead. Imagine how great it will feel to always have healthy food waiting in the fridge!

Write your meal plan out and keep it with you at all times. Every time a sugar craving hits, take it out and eat something from your meal plan instead.

Sugar Busting Tip #2: Fill Up On Fats

Fueling your body with the right nutrients is the next step to sugar busting.

Start your breakfast off with healthy fats to set yourself up for sugar avoiding success all day long. Save your carbohydrates for dinner.

Cut out white carbohydrates like rice and white potatoes plus fruit initially to see what triggers your sugar cravings. If you take them out for a few weeks and see that your desire for sugar has disappeared and you have great energy, that’s a good indication you might want to stick with a carbohydrate intake of sweet potatoes and winter squash.

Sugar Busting Tip #3: Move Your Body


A research team in Austria reports a 15-minute walk reduces the urge for a sugary snack even in people who are overweight, under pressure, and literally have candy available at the tips of their fingers.

Don’t over-exercise. Let us say that one more time…Do Not Over-Exercise!!! This is a dangerous addiction for those recovering from alcohol and drugs. It’s a very common replacement to continue feeling those endorphin rushes. There’s a reason it’s called a “Runner’s High”. It’s a stress on the body and when the body is stressed, cortisol levels rise, which contributes to increased sugar cravings.

Find movement that you love, like dancing in your living room, going for walks, hiking in nature, riding your bike, lifting weights only 2-4 times a week. Whatever it is, don’t abuse it, just enjoy it and do it mindfully. Which brings us to our next tip…

Sugar Busting Tip #4: Pay Attention

Otherwise known as practicing mindfulness. This tip is about creating a relationship with your brain and body. It is about knowing what is going on inside of you at any given time.
How do you learn mindfulness?

  • Walk
  • Meditate
  • Do one thing at a time

We’ve been practicing these 4 Sugar Busting Tips for years and have found success in our health by using them. While breaking sugar addiction can feel as intense at times as quitting alcohol or other addictions, letting go of that cycle can launch your health and your recovery to new levels you never expected!