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As a parent who lost a child and a long battle with insurance and treatment facilities, Bill provides a powerful testimony from his own family's tragic experience to lobby for change. 

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Bill Williams is a father who lost his son to heroin addiction. Since the death of his 24-year-old- son, William, Bill speaks about his family's story in hopes of helping others and also to change the current processes that obstruct the recovery process for so many. 

Since William’s death, Bill has worked side by side as an advocate with lawmakers, medical professionals, law enforcement, addiction researchers, lobbyists, and community organizers to instill change.  Bill contributes to the discussion at the Addiction Policy Forum in Washington, DC and Friends of Recovery, NY to help bring about necessary changes in legislation at both the federal and local levels – and to ensure that existing funds are targeted appropriately.  

He has spoken before congressional committees, a U.S. Senate Forum on addiction and also to scientists and administrators at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. He shares important information to many community organizations and parent groups.  Bill's essays have appeared in the New York Times, “Nora’s Blog”, National Institute on Drug Abuse, The Partnership for Drug Free Kids, Phoenix House, Freedom Institute, Medium, and Addiction Unscripted.com.

Bill retells his family's story that details the obstacles, pitfalls and outright barriers they all faced in trying to find the right solutions in treatment for his son's disease.  He speaks about the constant struggle in finding the proper health insurance then battling with insurers to honor contracts. He details his journey in searching for treatment programs and then in finding just one that might last long enough to be of any consequence. He recalls the ignorance and ever present stigma that was exhibited by lay people and treatment professionals alike.

Always, Bill speaks with an understanding born of his family’s struggle. His passionate and articulate voice honors a pledge made to his son at William’s memorial service: “We promise to do everything in our power to educate and inform people about drug use and prevention and to provide even more enlightened treatment options for addicts, to help make treatment options more readily available, and to remove the stain of shame surrounding this disease.”

In his free time, you will find Bill in Upstate-New York with his wife for get away time at their quiet country house.

Our son’s death was preventable
— Bill Williams