Beck Gee-Cohen

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When it comes to understanding addiction recovery and the unique needs and supports for the LGBTQ communities – Beck is a leader.

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A compelling speaker and trainer, Beck is a master’s level clinician with an undergraduate degree in Sociology specializing in Gender & Sexuality, with a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling – and a proud transgender individual.

He traveled a common path of secrecy and shame as a youth, struggled with identity, and turned to alcohol and drug use at an early age of 13.  Substance use continued for Beck to cope through his Catholic high school years and then early twenties.  Eventually failing college, Beck found a moment of clarity one night in a bar and made a sharp turn in the road towards recovery.  During the last decade of his recovery process, Beck made the decision to come out as transgender. 

Beck has a dedicated passion for working with the LGBTQ community and has years of experience introducing individuals to pathways of recovery. He recognizes that stigma, which is a prevalent road block for many in seeking help, is even more amplified in this particular population.  Education is a key aspect in Beck’s consulting, training and keynote addresses. He demonstrates how bias, judgement and intolerance by others often complicate the process of recovery. 

Internationally, Beck has presented to conferences, treatment centers, schools, and institutions.  Using his personal experience, humor and vulnerability, he connects to participants in a heartfelt way. Beck addresses concerns of equality and acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in recovery and promotes improved mental health services, acceptance, as well as specific treatment plans that can assist in improving outcomes for recovery. He openly shares his journey, lessons learned, and valuable information so others can properly support their loved ones. Beck discusses the high occurrence of substance use disorders amongst the LGBTQ community and provides new hope and suggestions for change in policies and specific treatment programs.

Beck currently is the owner of BGC Consulting, helping facilities shift their culture and become more knowledgeable about LGBTQ individuals. He loves to spend time traveling the world, making new friends, and spending time with his wife Shana and two dogs.

Coming out as trans is the greatest gift recovery has given me!
— Beck Gee-Cohen