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Parent and faith based audiences benefit from Anita’s truthful heartfelt message. She hides nothing and shares the most crucial information that most parents need to hear.

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Anita Devlin is the co-author of a compelling new memoir entitled S.O.B.E.R.*, an acronym for Son Of a Bitch Everything’s Real. In a phrase, that’s how Anita felt during the harrowing experience of helping her son navigate his addiction, which eventually led to his recovery. Her son & co-author, Michael Devlin Jr., is now in long term recovery.  

S.O.B.E.R.* is uniquely written from two perspectives, simultaneously: Anita, grappling with the stigma of her son’s addiction, fearing for her son’s life and struggling to understand the disease; alongside Michael, suffering emotionally and physically while in the grips of the disease, and his empowering message of recovery after months in treatment.  Anita performs readings from the book in the different voices of her family members.  It is a powerful story of struggle, hope, and faith that has been called by many “a family love story.” 

Anita speaks passionately to many parenting groups, churches and treatment centers around the country.  Her message always includes that substance use disorder is a family disease: the whole family needs to be in recovery in order for everyone to heal. 

She calls herself out on the mistakes she made based on the denial of her son’s illness. Her main focus is to help a parent recognize their own denial, to understand this disease and to ignore the judgement of others.  She speaks in a very honest and truthful manner.  She hides nothing.

Anita is qualified to speak to parents who are in need of help and strength because she was “that parent” for many years.  Once she understood that she couldn’t “fix” her son and started reaching out for help, they landed on the road to recovery. She believes that this is what most parents need help with and this is why she shares her family’s story.

She is an impactful speaker and a woman filled with joy, purpose, and faith. Anita loves cooking an authentic Greek meal and sharing it with family . . . and of course, with a few leftovers for her beloved four legged friends.

This wasn’t about saving my son. It was about being there for him as he saved himself.
— Anita Devlin