Our Philosophy

Inspiring Change

Our business was founded to inspire change. Market demand and timing could not be greater than today for fulfilling a pressing need for speakers on addiction, prevention, recovery and advocacy.  If you are looking to put together an event and need an informed, interesting speaker on one of these topics - you are definitely in the right place.  There is no other all inclusive representation for speakers or programs on these topics elsewhere.

You will find inspirational keynote speakers, exciting prevention presenters for schools, engaging workshop leaders, talented forum contributors and educated consultants all prepared and willing to inspire change.   Our speakers understand the power of their words; they have a desire to educate; and they want to leave their audience transformed for the better . . . Speakers for Change.

We Tackle the Tough Topics

Addiction is now one of the leading causes of death in the United States. We are losing an entire generation of our youth to overdose and the opiate epidemic is one of the most relevant health and human rights issue of our time.  Lost productivity in the workplace is costing businesses millions of dollars each year and even more money is spent on treatment, associated medical costs, incarceration, and judicial issues. Stigma is widespread, which makes it far worse for those seeking help and for those in recovery.  These are all complex, crucial issues in which our speakers are uniquely qualified to address.   You can rely on us to select exactly the right speaker to tackle and better understand these tough topics.

You Get What You Need

Our price point on speakers and programs is designed to be affordable so you can positively impact your audience and inspire change.  We offer one convenient location for you to look for answers, to look for inspiration and to find the speakers and presenters that match your audience.  Addiction is a serious and important topic that deserves expertise.  Regrettably, many organizations today will get speakers word-of-mouth and unfortunately end up receiving the wrong message. We would promote that receiving the right message, from the right speaker and at a price that's affordable is just what you need. 

Clients Come First

You will find that we are here to make your job easier.  We have access to an expansive network of speakers, so if you do not initially see the exact presenter or program you are looking for, or are unsure of the right speaker match for your audience, just contact us and let our staff do the work.  It is our primary focus to listen in detail to your event objectives and budget and then offer the right speaker solutions to meet those needs. Our consultative staff takes a serious responsibility to make certain every aspect of your exact request is fulfilled.  Integrity, professionalism and timely responses are continually extended to ensure that you and your target audience receive an awe-inspiring presentation. 

Quality Over Quantity

We do not offer a huge roster of speakers covering a magnitude of different topics.  Instead, you will discover we are a small firm that offers great service and an exclusive list of quality informed speakers.   Topics surrounding addiction are often difficult subject matters to approach and understand.  That’s why we set out to assemble a staff and speakers who are both knowledgeable and prepared to make the process easier for you. Furthermore, because our roster and focus is limited, we are able to provide you with a unique insight into each of our speakers, their programs and most importantly . . .  your desired outcome.

Exceeding Expectations

Our staff understands that audiences must be moved and inspired.  Presentations have to be interesting, educating and have tremendous impact!  We are partnering with you to achieve and inspire change and take this responsibility seriously.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Whether your objective is to host a prevention program for high school students, to eradicate stigma in the workplace, or simply to provide more education to your staff - it is of the utmost importance to us that you receive the precise guidance you need.