About Our Founder


Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith has extensive sales, marketing and public relations experience.  Extremely successful in all of her professional endeavors, Tracy, in 2010 met her first real life challenge that ultimately changed her direction and professional career. 

At that time, Tracy was a sales executive for American Express and her family lived in an upper-middle class neighborhood in South Jersey.  

Her eldest daughter Desirae was completing her freshman year at college and Tracy's youngest daughter Kayla was in 8th grade, preparing for high school.  

Kayla, a straight A student, was a member of the field hockey team and rode and showed her own horse.  Tracy was engaged to be married and everyone in the family seemed to have something to look forward to . . .  


Kayla started doing drugs her freshman year of high school.

Not long afterwards, Tracy found herself trading in her once familiar lawn chair, where she happily watched sunny field hockey games and horse shows, for an unfamiliar cold waiting room chair, where she sat at treatment facilities, emergency rooms and police stations. 

Tracy encountered what many families now know - addiction does not discriminate.  In fact, it has somehow crept into one out of every three households in America. Tracy experienced firsthand the effects of addiction in her family and quickly found out that there were not enough resources, information or understanding on addiction or on the process of recovery.

She founded Speakers for Change to fulfill a pressing need that exists today for informed speakers to educate audiences across all economic and demographic backgrounds. Tracy feels strongly that the topics of addiction, prevention, recovery and advocacy all need to be addressed and talked about more frequently and openly.

Tracy's daughter Kayla is now, along with 23 million Americans, a person living in recovery.

If there is one thing I learned from my experience, it’s that there is great value in getting the right information. If you have an interesting and knowledgeable speaker in front of an engaged audience - you have the ability to inspire change.
— Tracy Smith