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We offer the speakers to talk about it. 

  A speaker bureau dedicated to inspire change.

Call us at 609-445-5121 for affordable keynote speakers, exciting prevention presenters, motivating recovery speakers, engaging workshop leaders, talented forum contributors and educated consultants. We offer services and speakers to inspire change in the midst of the worst addiction crisis the United States has ever seen.

Why not host a Speaker For Change? Why not consider providing education, information and enlightenment on the often misunderstood topic of addiction? American lives are being lost each and every day. Businesses are losing billions of dollars each year. One out of every three families is affected and an entire generation is being lost to overdose deaths. Book a Speaker for Change. You can be part of the solution.

"Inspiring Change Through Interesting Speakers"

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Upcoming Events

September 16 | Austin Eubanks
The Art of Recovery Expo - AZ

May 10 | Tracy Smith
Somers Point Jordan Road School - NJ

May 3 | Kevin Sabet
The Truth about Marijuana - NJ

March 15-16 | Darryl Strawberry
Project Safe Special Programs - NJ & NY

March 9 | Cortney Lovell
NYS Council of School Superintendents Conference - NY

March 21Christopher Poulos
Rumford - ME

March 5-7 | Cortney Lovell
Albany Law School, Albany Government Law Review - NY

February 16 | Pastor Bradley Hill
Martinsburg Review - WV

February 11 | Greg Williams
Community Forum - CT

February 10 | Kayla Grammer
Buena Regional High School - NJ